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The Concept Of Talent


Shanghai YINGSHUO Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, mainly engaged in the translation of books, inside and outside the copyright agency, books topics planning, promotion planning books, book media advertising business. Among them, the translation is a basic business of large. We carry out this business philosophy is: through aggregation and optimization of various kinds of translation resource

s, creating a batch and individuation, the combination of sustainablebook translation operation mechanism, improve the operation mechanism of book publishing in thecost of the case, to provide professional, convenient, efficient and publishing standard book translation service, and make contribution to the improvement of the overall level of the introduction of the book by the high quality of the translation of books.

Books have been published types include: multiple disciplines, literature, politics, life management,biographies, inspirational, children's books and psychology and so on, and in the computer,finance, photography, chemical and mechanical disciplines such as the accumulation of a large number of translators and translation experience and resources, fully equipped with the strength of the book translation. The translation of languages: English, German, Japan and South Korea,Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Thailand, Arabia and Persia, and many other languages.

We brought together academic institutions, groups and individual translators and other aspects of translation resources, they come from different countries and regions outside the territory. Among them, only signing interpreter exceeded 300 people. Both of them are engaged in foreign language teaching and research professionals, and experts working in different fields of science and technology, literature, news, psychological, legal, financial, management and economy, they not only have high theoretical attainments in their respective areas of expertise, and familiar with the latest developments in the industry. More professional, multilingual, high level of foreignprofessional translation talents resource has become us to provide the most professionaltranslation service of the library foundation.

We mainly through the following four aspects of the factors that control to ensure the quality of thetranslation, translators, translators of level of familiarity with the subject of books, the translator and the author / editor between communication and translation quality of the whole process management. The company since its establishment, we continued to optimize the above four aspects, combined with the company's outstanding project coordination and management ability,ensure the press has been more and more regarded as a reliable, professional books translationmechanism.

Benefit from the diversification, professional translators and mature project management andcoordination mechanism, we also has the ability to operate a number of Library of the translation project, and can be a single book translation project operation cycle control required in thepublishing agency within the time limit. Translation: ordinary release schedule, 10 words / month;sperm release, 5 words / month. If there is a higher request, please contact the early in the projectproposed to us, our project manager will make special arrangements for you.

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