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Yuncheng ship expelled suspected pirates 126 second trick first went to the ocea

Time:2015-04-15 14:30:52 Author:Shanghai YINGSHUO culture Browse:584

Midspring, shrouded in the night of the South China Sea naval port dock silence. "Ding Lingling..." "Incoming radar target." All of a sudden, fighting a hasty siren sounded, in the South China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment Yuncheng ship, the soldiers quickly wear good protective equipment, reflexively rushed to their battle stations, then threw himself into the air and missile defense exercises. This is the completion of eighteenth naval escort mission against Hong Kong, less than 5 days of the Yuncheng warship, combat drills first organizations do not say hello.

Drill site, the Navy detachment Zhai Baoran said happily: "although the expedition ship officers and soldiers from the Gulf of Aden abnormal, but still maintained a state of emergency is imminent,they fully deserve the detachment of blue sword!"

In 2008 August, the paper set up Yuncheng ship orders, the detachment of more than 100 naval officers and men together. "Comrades learn every day 10 hours, every trouble shooting method,each equipment operation skills, every bit of learning experiences are recorded in detail, andcompilation." On the grounds of empty department vice captain Zhang Jiping said. The ship 1 years, completed the test trial more than 260 projects; from the column to form a fighting force,only 1 years.

"In the future, how to fight the battle, soldiers on how to practice today, this is a dead thing forYuncheng ship officers and soldiers." Detachment commissar He Yuehua said: "the ship is alwaysable to fight, win the war as the standard combat training, officers and soldiers were all can Jingwu strong, trained excellent ability to win." In 5 years time, Yuncheng ship at sea training time for more than 1200 days, all the major task has completed exercises 20 times, winning the future battlefieldinnovation tactics and training methods to improve the combat capability of more than 30, the size of more than 50 technical innovations.

"I think successful winning tactics, will be missed in the open ocean." About Yuncheng ship first into the deep blue sea, in a real confrontation exercise defeat of the scene, the captain Cheng Dewei quite touched.

At that time, Yuncheng ship auxiliary guns used in innovation "at speed to catch" tactics, to attackseveral sea targets, but unexpected failure. The original, unlike offshore training, distant oceanslarge waves, extremely easy to reduce radar and electro-optical tracker sight attack effect,influence. Subsequently, they improve the old methods, the Second Artillery multiplication reaction time and attack effect in distant oceans. This matter, also let Yuncheng ship officers and menaware of: the ocean ocean is the perfect tactics and training methods, test and improve the ability of effective platform to win.

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