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Veteran Yin Jixian: young people dare to call the country not scold the unit lea

Time:2015-04-15 14:34:14 Author:Shanghai YINGSHUO culture Browse:719

Yin Jixian: some people would think I was brainwashed, is designed to do publicity, I can‘t. Since I joined the army did not have a penny, but was beaten to the right, if I stand in a position to defend himself, no significance.

"Veterans Jixian Yin" is this year there is no doubt that the network reds.

The last century 40's, Yin Jixian in Shandong to participate in the battle of Jiaodong in 1950 with the pocket, 27 army 81 division in Korea in 1959, he was transferred to the Beijing train attendant,until his retirement.

At the age of 80, Yin Jixian was the network forum is often confusing, "ignorance", young peoplewho join the internet. In four years, write a blog every day, micro-blog, self PS and video editing,Yin Jixian finally in the know network burst red, often called "idiotic", "since five".

However, the oldest old people laugh at the "thieves", music is not he.

The body has nothing to do with Newton's law

Chongqing Youth Daily: you are what time to start surfing the Internet? If you think that the Internet can speak one's mind freely?

Yin Jixian: I'm around 2010 began to learn to surf the Internet, blog friends saw. A year ago,someone introduced me to know the network, I feel it, open enough to mean, "beauty" is about the same, this is not a good thing.

I just want to put the concept of young people back on track.

Chongqing Youth Daily: what do you think the opinion questions is "nonsense"? In this regard, how to answer? Feel angry?

Yin Jixian: some people ask what is the relationship between the quality of my body and the Newton's law, the feeling is very ignorant, it is "nonsense". There are some problems don't loveparty not patriotic, I don't feel angry, I think that you will become China people's garbage.

Chongqing Youth Daily: in the net friend asked "what to eat snow", you said "Hey, I'm not dead yet." A lot of people because of "Hi" point of praise, also some people said that you answer the question more and more strange, you answer the questions yourself deliberately studied?

Yin Jixian: the political significance of the problem, I answered with a sense of humour. I do not understand, some asks, but already knows., quote my words to ask me, I feel that young peopleand old fault, not appropriate. Something I don't understand I won't answer.

Chongqing Youth Daily: some people ask "why Japanese longevity", do you think of their scientificquality. In your experience in Japanese, there I will give you a good impression?

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